I Love to Kiss, Do You?

I Love to Kiss, Do You?


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I prefer email for first time contact. Please click here for a reservation request, or email veronica1414@yahoo.com

(I started using the veronica email because apparently some people couldn't get email from the sweetannie one, just so you know. You might also check your spam folder if you don't hear from me pretty quickly.)

If email is just not a plausible option for you, you may attempt to message me on yahoo instant messenger. sweetannie1010 or veronica1414 is my id there. However, please understand that even if it says I am "available," I most likely am not, due to whatever may be going on at the time. I do not discuss details of what may or may not occur during our time together over chat, so please be a gentleman, and don't attempt to get me to talk about those things by chat or email. If you do, I will terminate our communication. There will be plenty of time for all that fun stuff during our time together!